Thesis Statement

The Committee on Public Information (CPI) was created by the United States government to gain support for entry into World War One (WWI). The committee spread positive publicity for the war domestically and internationally, and censored anti-war messages. This was the US’ first large-scale propaganda effort, employing effective new mass communication tactics that are still used today.

"The Censorship Board." Harris & Ewing/Library of Congress, ca. 1917-18.

"In all things, from first to last, without halt or change, it was a plain publicity proposition, a vast enterprise in salesmanship, the world's greatest adventure in advertising... "

~ George Creel, Chairman of the CPI [1]

Nico Allen

The "Greatest Adventure in Advertising":
How the Committee on Public Information
Sold War to the American People and the World

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Header image: “American Soldiers Arrive in France." The First World War East Sussex, 26 June 1917.
[1] Creel, George. How We Advertised America. Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1920.